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Why Is My Car A/C Blasting Hot Air?

A complete functioning air conditioning system in our cars is a MUST-HAVE for us in Summerlin, Nevada, as temperatures near and exceed 100F. To say we depend on our A/C is an understatement. Now imagine getting into your vehicle on a hot, summer day only to find that it only cranks out hot air. What a miserable experience!


"Why is my A/C blowing hot air?" you might ask. The root of the problem can be simple or complex. So let's examine some of the possible deductions why your air conditioning isn't blowing cool air anymore. 


Low Refrigerant Levels - This is the most common explanation of weak A/C. If there is an inadequate supply of refrigerant, also known as freon, circulating through the system, then the excess heat won't be properly extracted from the air. Typically, the only cause for low refrigerant levels is some kind of leakage. 


Blocked or Broken Condensor-  If the condenser is blocked by debris or is damaged, the refrigerant will not move. When this happens, you won't get cold or even cool air blowing from our air conditioner.


Faulty compressor - The compressor serves a vital function: to drive the freon throughout the air conditioning system. If the refrigerant doesn't move, then the system won't function. A replacement of the compressor is required anywhere between 10-15 years of use.


An issue with Electrical System - Similar to your air conditioning at home, your car's A/C draws power from electricity. Whenever there is a wiring issue or circuit short can stop the entire system from working. 


As mentioned before, low refrigerant is usually the culprit of this problem. However, you can never be too sure. Take your vehicle into the Car and Truck Guys - Summerlin Auto Repair so that you can get a proper diagnosis of your faulty A/C system from our team of qualified technicians. Give us a call at (702) 761-3456 for any additional information. 


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