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What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

The power steering has been used for several years, taking the hard work out of driving. Before the power steering was introduced, drivers applied more effort making driving a bit challenging. Original power steering systems mainly relied on hydraulic pumps for easy management.

With technological advancement, we have electrical power steering that uses a warning light to indicate issues.

The Power Steering Warning Light

When your power steering develops a problem, a red or yellow warning sign in the shape of a steering wheel with an exclamation mark or EPS for electric power steering will appear on your car's dashboard.
If you neglect the warning light and continue driving, you risk compromising your power steering system, damaging it more, and causing accidents.

What the Power Steering Light Mean

The power steering light largely depends on the car model and make and whether it's an electric or hydraulic system. Generally, when the light comes on, your car is about to lose the power steering assist. It could be a fluid loss through a leak or an electric problem.

Electric Power Steering
For electric power steering systems, it could be a glitch with the vehicle's computer system or an electrical fault, either a malfunctioning alternator or battery. Still, it could be challenging to understand such a system. So, ensure an expert checks it.

Hydraulic Power Steering
In vehicles with a hydraulic system, low power steering fluid is usually the cause of warning light illuminating. This indicates there may be a leak that needs fixing. However, ensure an expert diagnoses the problem further.

What to Do When the Power Steering Light turns On

When the power steering light turns on, pull over immediately to a safe place. This is because your car loses power steering assist since it gets disabled. Check the fluid level and top it off if it's low and if it's a leak, get it fixed before driving. For electric power steering cars, a reset may fix the problem. If it doesn't, let an expert check it.

Generally, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure your vehicle remains in good condition. But if you need power steering repairs today, call The Car & Truck Guys immediately.

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