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What Components In A Vehicle Need Lubricants & When To Consider It

What Components In A Vehicle Need Lubricants & When To Consider It | The Car & Truck Guys

Amidst the engine's hum and the traffic lights, something is going under the hood of your car that you probably never think of – components that are constantly lubricated by fluids. But why is that you might ask? Well, that's why we are here today!

Lubricating the Vital Parts

The engine relies on a delicate balance of moving parts, and this all demands proper lubrication. Engine oil is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of pistons, camshafts, and crankshafts. Regular oil changes, in sync with your vehicle's maintenance schedule, are like providing a tonic for your engine's heartbeat, keeping it robust and efficient.

Transmission Lubrication

The transmission system is akin to the sidekick of a her, ensuring that the gears shift seamlessly and your vehicle glides effortlessly through different speeds. Transmission fluid, with its lubricating properties, prevents wear and tear on gears and bearings. Periodic checks and fluid changes, especially if you notice a delay in shifting or unusual noises, are the keynotes in maintaining the harmony of your transmission.

Power Steering

Ever experienced the effortless glide of your steering wheel as you make a turn? Power steering, the choreographer behind this grace, relies on proper lubrication. The power steering fluid ensures that the steering mechanism operates smoothly, providing you with control and comfort. If you feel increased resistance or hear unusual noises while turning the wheel, it might be time to consider a check and top-up of your power steering fluid.

Lubrication for Smooth Rides

The suspension system, responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations, transforms the unevenness of the road into a graceful ballet. Components like shocks and struts benefit from lubrication to minimize friction and ensure a smooth ride. If you notice a bumpy or shaky journey, it could be a sign that your suspension components need attention. 

Caliper Lubrication for Safety

Brakes are the guardian angels of your journey, ensuring safety at every stop. Calipers, the actors in this safety drama, rely on proper lubrication to function efficiently. Lubricated calipers prevent uneven wear on brake pads and ensure smooth engagement and disengagement. If you hear squeaking or notice reduced braking performance, it's a cue to consider lubricating the calipers or, in some cases, replacing them.

For all your quick lube, maintenance and repair services, make sure to give us at The Car & Truck Guys a call, and our team of pros will be glad to help!

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