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What are the Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

The ringed panel found between the cylinder head and the engine block is a head gasket. It prevents the engine fluids from leaking to the cylinder head. Besides that, it blocks oil, water, and lubricant channels from mixing. When the fluids mix, the engine can become defective.

At times, the head gasket in your car may fail to perform effectively and blow. Below are some of the symptoms of a blown head gasket:

The Start-up Process

When starting up your car and you notice white fumes coming from the exhaust, it's a clear indicator of a blown head gasket. This occurs when a vehicle runs high-powered operations such as hauling a heavy load uphill.

When you see white smoke, cool the cylinder head to help the engine operate smoothly. Don't wait until the issue becomes severe. Quick actions will help prevent spending on advanced repairs your car engine needs.

Blue Exhaust Fumes

A blown head gasket can also trigger blue exhaust fumes. The blue fumes indicate the engine is burning oil after oil leaks enter its combustion chamber. The smoke observed during this is very thick and a health and environmental hazard.


Overheating a car engine is not a clear sign of a blown head gasket. However, you need a mechanic to conduct a check-up whenever your car engine overheats. Overheating can transpire when the engine oil leaks to the coolant system. This slows down the engine's ability to cool down. Bubbles are common in the overflow tank.

Fluids Mixing

The best and clear indicator of a blown head gasket is fluid mixing. When the fluids mix, it prevents the head gasket from performing its duties in the engine. The discoloration observed is clear evidence of a blown head gasket, which can result in a critical issue regarding your car's performance.


The car's fluids are closed tightly to avoid leakages between the engine block and cylinder heads. When leaks occur in the engine, it indicates a blown head gasket, and this problem requires immediate repairs from your trusted mechanic. Oil and fuel leaks can be fatal, leading to car fires and explosions.


If you find all these symptoms in your car and you don't know what to do next, get professional help from a reliable auto company in your area. If you need head gasket repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to The Car and Truck Guys today!

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