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Signs of a Worn Out Clutch

To put it into simple terms, the clutch is a manual transmission component that regulates when and how much power should be transferred to the vehicle's wheels. Furthermore, the clutch is engaged to hold your car in the right gear to allow you to accelerate when needed. For those who drive a stick, it's very important for you to know how to pick up on the signs of an aging clutch. Below are the top signs that indicate you need clutch repair:

Clutch Slipping

A slipping clutch almost always means you need your clutch replaced. This feeling is often described as a lag or stutter when the car speeds up. Your RPM may also jolt up further than necessary. If any of these happen, your car clutch needs to be looked at by an automotive professional.

Trouble Shifting Gears

Another sign of clutch failure is when the car can't shift gears properly. Whenever you try to change from one gear to another, it might require additional effort to put it in place.

Chirping Noise

If you hear a loud chirping sound when you release the clutch pedal, then you may need clutch repair. Most of the time, the sounds result from the worn clutch bearings.

Shuddering Engine

A shuddering engine is never a good sign. If you notice it happening when you change gears at lower speeds, you may be dealing with a damaged clutch.


For professional and reliable clutch repairs in Summerlin, NV, and Las Vegas, NV, look no further than the manual transmission experts at The Car & Truck Guys.


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