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How to Test Your Shocks with the Bounce Test

If the quality of your car ride feels off, you shouldn't ignore it. There could be a chance that your suspension has gone bad. However, you can put them to the test by doing the bounce test.


How to Test Your Shocks with the Bounce Test

The bounce test is a tool-free test that you can do at home to determine your shocks' condition. Little to no expertise is required, and it will only take 5 minutes. 

Follow the following steps:

  1. Park your vehicle on a flat surface
  2. Go to one corner of your car; you're going to be doing each corner individually.
  3. In one quick motion, push down on your car as hard as you can and release your body weight.
  4. Notice how your vehicle reacts. If it springs up to normal position right away, your shocks are doing fine. If it bounces once, your shocks are going to go bad soon. And if it jumps more than once, you need new shocks pronto.
  5. Repeat the test on your other car corners.

You can visually inspect the suspension area and tires if you want further confirmation that your shocks are bad. If your shocks are no longer adequate, they may leak a greasy fluid. Furthermore, poor suspension can also lead to uneven tire wear.


If you want a comfortable and even ride, you should always replace your shocks when necessary. Look no further than The Car & Truck guys for suspension replacement and dependable car care.

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