5 Essential Road Trip Tips

With the weather warming up and days getting longer, we're sure that some of you have some travel plans in mind. To ensure you're safe, relaxed, and comfortable on your road trip, you should account for these road trip tips:

Get Plenty of Sleep Before Driving

There's nothing worse than driving tired or groggy. Did you know that studies have shown driving with fatigue can be just as harmful as driving under the influence? Make sure you get plenty of night's rest before hitting the road. It is typically recommended that you start your journey on the road in the morning instead of the afternoon as you'll feel fresh and alert (if you got a good night of sleep, of course).

Pack Some Snacks and Water

Small, packable snacks are recommended for longer car rides, especially if you don't want to keep making stops to curb your hunger. Additionally, make sure you have an ample water supply so everyone can stay nice and hydrated.

Plan for Rest Stops

One of the most necessary parts of a road trip is the rest stops. You may have to use the restroom, and if not, it would be wise to get out of the car to stretch. Please plan these stops along your route accordingly.

Keep Your Passengers Entertained

Long road trips can often lead to boredom, especially when traveling with kids. Boredom = fussy. To ensure everyone is alert and entertained in the car, try playing an easy road trip game or doing a sing-along to keep everyone's energy up. It's also a fun way to pass the time. 

Bring A Car Emergency Kit

A key tip to remember is to pack essential car supplies. Most people don't anticipate accidents or breakdowns, but you should always be prepared if it happens. Please make sure to include the essentials: flashlights, jumper cables, chargers, spare tire, tools, first aid kit, and more.


Follow these tips above to keep you, your passengers, and your car protected on your next road trip. In addition to following the advice, we encourage drivers to bring their vehicle to The Car & Truck Guys for a pre-trip inspection in Summerlin, NV.

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